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The selection is to get people to study in higher education institutions. Implementation of a central system (Central University Admissions System) can apply for a time not exceeding four top selection. (Faculty / Department) by the property. Criteria for receiving guests attended and each of the elements as a base.

  1. Grade point average throughout high school or equivalent course (GPAX) to the weight of 20%.
  2. The results of the national basic education (O-NET) Level 4 of 8 groups subject to the 30% weight.
  3. Results of the General Aptitude Test (GAT) to the weight of 10-50%.
  4. The professional aptitude test (PAT) for the 0-40% weight.
  5. The results of the interview and physical examination. To find out the availability and proper consideration. The final admission without a weight rating.


Mrs.Sirowan Insorn Mrs.Apsorn srichanlee  

Mrs.Sirowan Insorn

Mrs.Apsorn srichanlee


Educator, Senior Professional Level

Educator, Senior Professional Level