Division of Academic Affairs Mahasarakham University (MSU) was formed by the Royal Decree 2538 (B.E.) with announced in the 112th of Gazette, section 21?, on June 21, 1995 (2538 B.E.). MSU has divided internal divisions following the Announcement of Minister of University Affairs (MUA) on July 13, 1995 (2538 B.E.). From this, Office of President had been divided into four divisions - Division of Human Resources, Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Students Admissions, and Division of Planning. As a result of the 1st/2005 University Assemble Meeting on January 28, 2005 (2548 B.E.), MSU has other three additional divisions which are Division of the Registrar, Division of Buildings and Grounds, and Division of Research Facilitation and Dissemination. The purpose is to prepare for the university’s growth and to follow up the university’s mission. Now Division of Academic Affairs has altered the infrastructure to educational management, Joint education, and Schools network.


Vision: Division of Student Admissions Mahasarakham University, the leader of information technology in giving suggestions to students who needs guidelines for the matter of study issues and future jobs.


1. University’s public relations in curricula and distribute all regions in Thailand
2. University’s coordinator for cooperative Education mission both domestic and international
3. Admission process improvement to be certified by international standard
4. Information technology improvement for the effective service management